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08/28/2010 More Than Me, Hey Monea, Free Henry, Strike The Sky (Buffalo, NY @ The Tralf)

By Eric | September 6, 2010 3:30 pm

We made the trek up the 90 for a fun night of local music, but not before a stop at Cabaret for dinner to celebrate Tracey’s birthday! We wandered over to the Tralf, got everyone in, found a table off to the left of the stage behind the rail, and set up shop. Soon after the music started with our Rochester buddies in Strike The Sky. They mixed in a couple of newer tunes with cuts off of their EP, and sounded pretty good in the process! The guys ran through their half-hour set and got a good response, although most everyone stayed seated at their tables (which held true for the other two openers as well).

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Buffalo’s Free Henry were up next, and the pop/rock/jam band gave us a good half-hour set to keep our interest, and despite my usual aversion to jam bands, these guys were pretty good!
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Direct support was Ohio’s Hey Monea!, who are good friends with the More Than Me boys and brought them to town for the show. Playing a similar style to MTM, the trio played a high-energy set of tunes, with Ryan and Joey joining them for two songs. A lot of fun during their set for sure.
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Finally, the men of the hour, More Than Me were up. We got a quick tease of the Hard Rock Calling DVD the boys recorded over in London, and then they made their appearance on stage. This show was billed as their 10th Anniversary show, for 10 years of being together as a band. Fittingly, mixed in with their newer tunes were a lot of much older material, a lot of which we’d never heard. Pretty cool of them to give the die-hards something to get excited about! The floor right in front of the stage quickly filled in, and we were off and running. The guys sounded fantastic, and it was nice to see a “headlining” set from them with all of their own stuff, and for more than 35-40 minutes! They told some anecdotes from back in the days, thanked a lot of people, and I think made a lot of their friends and family happy by acknowledging their contributions. Hell, even our Rochester contingent got a shout out! Just about everyone in attendance was singing along, dancing, and had a great time. Tons of fun all the way around, and we finally scored some MTM merch this time around!
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