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a night out with the parents

By Eric | November 28, 2002 12:01 pm

So yes, the night out on the town with the parents…. rather interesting…. We picked up Adrienne, and we met Sara and Nate at Hard Rock about 10ish, and the first band went on about quarter to 11 or so… The DollyTramps or something stupid like that. Imagine the worst punk band you’ve ever seen, combined with a singer that makes Courtney Love look like a virtuoso, and you’d have this band. Just absolutely shitty chord and a half “riot-grrl” garbage. And they threw tampons at us during a song titled “On The Rag”. “Excuse me, can I go see ICP now? I think they’d be more entertaining.” Anyway, we got our relief after a half hour when the main attraction “That 80’s Hair Band” came on. These guys are awesome! It’s just 80’s hair metal covers, but its so damn cool!!! While we were there, they played 18 and Life, Talk Dirty to Me, Bringin on the Heartbreak, Bang Your Head, and the last song before we left was Tesla’s “Modern Day Cowboy”. Ever see me when I can’t stop grinning, as in, uncontrollably? That’s what these guys do to me…. its hysterical! So we figured we’d check out the Casino and maybe the Hard Rock “club” thats on the Canadian side. Well, if we’d been able to get over the bridge in a timely fashion. The bridge was backed up all the way back over to the American side, so we said screw it, and went to Denny’s instead! It was funny being there like we always are, but with the parents there too! We didnt quite make it home till about 2:15 or so, so it really was a typical night out for us. hehehe.
When did my parents get so cool? 🙂
so Grandmas house for turkey this afternoon, gonna get stuffed!
current mood: I’m hungry now dammit!
song: Audioslave – Light My Way
shirt: AIC / Queen of Hearts

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