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Coming up on 10 Years of Concerts

By Eric | March 1, 2007 3:15 pm

I did go to see Killswitch Engage, DragonForce and Chimaira last Sunday in Niagara Falls, which had it’s share of fun driving coming home. I’ll save the show review for the review, but as far as the people? Gotta love seeing that random dude that has tattoos all over his face. He looked to be in his mid-twenties, and the only thing I could think of when I saw him was, “And you’re going to find meaningful employment WHERE?“. Unless you work at a tattoo parlor or something similar, not too many places are going to hire you. Talking with one of the IGT guys at work here, who has a multitude of tattoos (none on his face, mind you), even he agreed that getting them in places that are hard to conceal isn’t going to work if you want to work. And as for the rest of the crowd, it dawned on me that I’ve been going to shows for about 10 years now, and aside from feeling old, I still look at these kids like, just what the hell are you trying to prove with your dress, attitude, etc?! Of course, I wondered it back then too. I guess it boils down to this: I like the same music you do, and go to the same shows you do, but I don’t dress/act like a retard to do it. (For more on this subject, see the corollary to this statement: Nothing is any good if other people like it.)

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