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another music survey

By Eric | April 5, 2002 8:04 am

Bowling was okay last night, I did my usual 110+ games, not as much fun without mary (she was sick). Joe and I did go to 7-Eleven afterwards to get our RVD slurpee cups and the WWF poster they had! Rockin! Work till noon now, and then fun with Dad and Jake!
Sara posted this, so I gotta answer these!
What was the first album you ever bought? First album on tape was Alice in Chains – Dirt, and first CD was (sadly) Green Day – Dookie
What was the last album you bought? Used CD run last week, so this one is the last one on the list: ZZ Top – Recycler (of which I had the tape a looooong time ago)
What was the last CD you listened to? Spinning The Tea Party – Transmission in the Discman
How many albums do you currently own? 537! (Yes, thats an exact number)
Which one of your albums do you wish you never would have wasted your money on? I’ve sold back all the ones I’d rather get rid of…. the only one that I still have that I’d ditch is Dope – Felons and Revolutionaries
Name an album you secretly love that would ruin your reputation as cool if people knew about it? I enjoy everything I own, however, most people snicker at the Vanilla Ice, Tesla, and my Sir Mix-A-Lot, House of Pain, and Kriss Kross singles 🙂 (middle school cheese, people!!)
What album do you listen to most often? As of late, WWF Forceable Entry, Sevendust – Animosity, and Matthew Good Band – The Audio of Being
How many concerts have you been to? 105
Which of the above, if any, was your favorite? – NIN in TO 4/00, Tea Party Buffalo 12/31/00, OLP Buffalo 6/97, Staind Buffalo 5/99
Name a fantastic album someone else introduced you to? Mary really got me started on Cake with Fashion Nugget
Name the last album someone else bought for you? Um, on a used CD run Mary got me Live – The Distance To Here
Name the last album you purchased for someone as a gift? I think I got Dad something, but I’ll be damned if I remember what it is!
Name a fantastic album you discovered entirely by accident, on your own? Me and Mary both saw Caroline’s Spine open for the Watchmen and were blown away…. so both Monsoon and Attention Please
Name an album you’d play for someone you wanted to seduce: Jeff Buckley – Grace

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