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Cantrell in Ithaca

By Eric | November 4, 2002 1:27 pm

Ithaca, NY…. wonderful place to visit, and probably wouldn’t mind living there! hehe…. Anyway, me and Adam headed out of Rochester about 11:30, and got into Ithaca at about 1:30… Found Kelley’s apartment with no problems, and we were greeted by Karl, Matt and Lisa as well…. so as soon as we got there, it was off to downtown Ithaca for lunch, to Rulloff’s, where they had a sunday brunch menu… kinda interesting, sandwiches, and then omelettes and other breakfast stuff as well… lunch broke up around 3, and Karl took us on a mini whirlwind tour on the way back to Kelley’s place. Karl, Matt and Lisa left for Rochester soon after, and after a bit of lounging, Kelley showed us some more of downtown, the “Commons” area…. all kinds of little shops and boutiques and things like that… while we were out, Tiffany got ahold of us, as she had to head home as well for the next couple days, so we ventured out of Ithaca proper to go see her house and pick her up… I got to meet her mother, who was very nice, and offered us cookies! 🙂 We checked out (according to Tiff) Newfield’s lone attraction, a wooden covered bridge, which provided seconds of fun during the time we were in it!! (I’m kidding! It was pretty cool!) So around 5:45 dinner was onto Franco’s, a local italian restaurant proclaimed by Tiff to be her favorite, and Kelley had heard glowing reviews as well, so we decided that would be the place to go… yes, yes it was the place to go indeed! The portions were fairly big, and the fact that we’d just eaten at 2 didn’t help matters either, so I only ate half of what I ordered, boxed the rest up, and promptly left it in Kelley’s fridge! DOH! But the food was excellent, and we practically had the place to ourselves for a little while, we seemed to have beaten the dinner crowd for a sunday night, because rumor has it that the place is almost always packed. After dinner we came back to Kelley’s place and hung out a bit longer… and since I had forgotten earplugs, it was off to the new Target to get some… aka a timewaster, as we spent a good chunk of time in there just browsing… It was about 8:30 by this point, so we took Tiffany back home, and stopped back into her house for a couple minutes, as I had the pleasure of meeting her father as well. Back on the road to the show right? Nope, Adam left his ticket in the apartment! hehe… so back to Kelley’s one more time, and then onto the Haunt, which was only 5 minutes away… JERRY!! JERRY!! The doors were at 9, so the ticket said, we got there at 9:15 and Comes With The Fall was just finishing up…. I’ll post the full-on review later, but Mad at Gravity was decent, they seem to be another Incubus/Audiovent/Hoobastank sort of band… Udora was next, from Brasil so it was said, they weren’t too bad, actually got better as they went on… and Jerry was Jerry… first half was all his solo stuff, 2nd half was all Alice stuff….. it rocked! We got out of there about 1, shot back to Kelley’s for a bit, thanked her profusely, and hit the road… rolled into Rochacha exactly at 3am… zzzzzzz!! Thankfully I have class starting at 2pm today!!! It’s off to Tech Transfer and State and Local right now… So stay tuned for the Jerry Cantrell review hopefully later tonight!!
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