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coasting to the nonpoint

By Eric | November 12, 2002 7:30 pm

Just kinda coasted through tuesday during the day… Our Needs Assessment presentation went off without a hitch, then came work, then Network Programming, which we really didnt have, so I just went home. Got an email for a Tenure review for one of my IT professors, so I filled out the student questionnaire and took that into building 1… drove around Rochester for a bit.. came back home in time for my 5:30 tech transfer group meeting that really wasnt a meeting, so home again, dinner, and then reading for State and Local Politics… and now this… yeah, not the most exciting day ever…. until I checked the mail and found that not only did I get the Nonpoint indie CD I ordered, but I got my Audioslave street team stuff as well!! One of those nice 8×10 record company publicity photos, and far too few stickers and an even lesser amount of CDs… the CD is only a 1 track of Cochise, so its not like its the coolest thing ever…. 🙂 But still exciting nonetheless!
current mood: break from HW
song: Pearl Jam – Can’t Keep
shirt: Staind / Cracked Doll Heads

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