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doubleDriving to the landmarks

By Eric | June 27, 2003 11:48 am

Well, since there was no food in the house, it was off to DiBella’s for lunch on Thursday, and then just a bit of driving around. The mail was the most exciting part of my day up to that point, because my doubleDrive demos came in!

In a nutshell, after dD put out 1000 Yard Stare on MCA Records, six months of touring later, the label told the band they couldn’t push the record anymore, and to go back and record a new one. So they did, finished a record, and then MCA dropped them all together. Roadrunner finally picked them up, and half of this newly recorded album made it onto Blue In The Face, along with some brand new stuff. The songs that got left off are whats on this disc that I got, and let me tell you, every one of them could have been on an album, they’re that good. It was like getting another dD album altogether!!

So that aside, I hung out at Sara’s house (not the apartment!) for a bit in the afternoon, we wandered over to Mercer’s house because his truck was in the driveway. Turns out he was in North Carolina on a job interview! Mike gave me his cellphone number though, so now I can get ahold of him! We headed to the apartment, where Adrienne and her friend from work, Sarah, were waiting for us to head to Thursday in the Square. Sarah was visiting from PA, and was an intern of sorts at Adr’s place, and since she’s a big finger eleven fan, she came with us to the show. We got there just as they started, and they played a pretty long set for being the openers! Never seen garbage cans used as beach balls before!!We didn’t stay for Default, instead got a nice cold drink, and after dropping Sarah off, went to go take more pictures with Sara. First stop was the Central Terminal, and then the old Buffalo Psych Center. Fun stuff! (See Sara’s site for all the pictures and stuff)

We came back to my house for a minute to pick up Amanda, and then headed to the apartment for a little drinky 🙂 Danielle came over, as did Sara’s friend from work Tony. We had a pretty good time, including a walk to Denny’s at 3am… and Amanda drove home 🙂 heheheh.

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