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econoline to erie for cake

By Eric | November 11, 2001 4:10 pm

What a long freakin weekend… and it’s not long as in extra days… long as in long days with little sleep. Wake up friday morning to be at work at 7:30am. Work was fine, same as always. Mary goes to the SG meeting, and then we leave to get her sister Patrice in Erie. Takes a good 2.5 hours to get there, and then turn right around and take another 1.5 hours to get back to Buffalo. We went straight to Niagara Falls to catch the Econoline Crush show (review will be up shortly), then another hour back to Rochester. got back into the apartment to find that the wonder folks at RIT Resnet shut off my ethernet jack, and I can’t find out why until monday. (I love RIT, did I mention that?) Luckily we have a jack in the living room, and a nice long ethernet cable, so I’m back up for the time being, but the website won’t be back for a little bit. Woke up late saturday morning, finished my Legislative Process paper, then took off about 4:30pm for Cornell University in Ithaca for the Cake show [SHOW #100!!!!] (again, review up shortly), which takes two hours each way. Got back late last night, then woke up early this morning to take Trice back to Erie, 2.5 hours each way again. 14 hours and 820 miles of driving later, I’m right back where I started. At least the shows were good, and Trice looked like she had a great time, so it’s all good πŸ™‚

Gotta finish up my DataComm paper, and I’ll be right back on track. πŸ™‚

Current Mood: somewhere this side of exhaused, but no nap for me….

song: Soundgarden – Bleed Together

shirt: Matt Good / Asshole

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