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By Eric | May 31, 2003 10:55 am

Tiff arrived about 2, and then we were off to the show…
Edgefest was a pretty good time yesterday / last night. The full review will be up shortly, but here’s a quick rundown of what me and Tiff saw yesterday. We got there at 3 and missed the first couple local bands on…

Klear – The local boys were decent, but the singer always sounds like he’s hoarse.
Smile Empty Soul – good riffs, the singer needs to go back to screaming school
Trapt – After the initial technical problems, they were pretty good, but nothing spectacular
Seether – Sounded just as good as at the Penny Arcade, coulda done without the Nirvana cover though
Finch – Worst band we saw all day, the screaming was blah, wannabe Deftones type band
(hed)pe – Had high hopes, they werent as good as I’ve seen them in the past
Powerman 5000 – They were okay, but also not spectacular
Cold – Sounded great, Scoot is still figuring out the new stuff, and the guitar tech played bass!
The Juliana Theory – blaaaaaaaaah. Tried to rock hard, didnt quite get there.
Staind – They still have it! A good mix of songs, and Aaron can still sing! 🙂

We were in at 3 and out of there by 9:30, hit Chili’s for a late dinner, and then chilled at home before packing it in for the night. The rain kinda threw a wrench in our plans for today, so we’re not quite sure what were up to for today…

Tiff brought a CD with graduation pictures, so those will be up shortly as well!

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