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free fort erie

By Eric | June 26, 2002 12:36 pm

There’s just something cool about changing your console to have bright green letters on a black background. Its like an old monochrome terminal, and even though I wouldn’t want to run everything in it, the command line being that color makes me feel all old-school. Yeah yeah, I know, I’m not old school at all, and I don’t care. Thats not the point. I dunno, its all nostalgic and crap.
And I have no idea what I’m saying, cuz I’m hungry. At work, its 12:30, and we havent left for lunch yet. Normally, I dont care, but today I’m hungry! Got up too late and was too lazy to make my lunch, so I’m acutally gonna buy it today. I’m supposedly getting paid tomorrow, check’s in the mail so they say. We’ll see. This whole lack of money thing sucks. There’s tenatively three shows coming up in 4 days, and luckily two of them are free. Finger Eleven (with The Full Nine and Mudmen) at Fort Erie racetrack as part of the Friendship Festival, theres one freebie, then the Watchmen in Port Dalhousie (small club show, shouldn’t be too expensive, this one I’m not sure if I’ll be going to or not), and then David Usher and Edwin for the friendship festival again at the racetrack (another freebie!). But as sara told me yesterday, the big one is July 12th at Jillians in Rochester… VANILLA ICE!! To sound like a high school girl… we are *SO* going to that show! 🙂 Word to your Mother! 🙂

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