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From the “Needs More Cowbell” Dept.

By Eric | August 10, 2004 3:48 pm

I just put up the review of the Finger Eleven / Thornley show from last week on the reviews page. I swear, I’m either getting old (most likely), more jaded about concerts (not likely), or some shows have just started to become not as entertaining as they used to be (wouldnt be surprised). Take the last four I’ve been to, and the contrast is amazing: Sister Hazel, they were amazing, the musicianship, the energy from the band and the fans, everything was great. Then Nickelback / 3 Doors, where I’ve seen way better from both bands. For all the pyro and stuff, it was cool, the bands were into it, and I like both bands, but the performance left something to be desired. Then the Hip, which for having little more than a light display, played an awesome show just being on stage and playing. A raucous crowd helps, but still. Then Thornley / Finger Eleven, where Thornley was everything a club show should be, and F11 came up short. Having them 1/2 hour apart made it even more obvious. To me, considering I like all of these bands equally, and with the exception of Thornley, I’d seen them all previously, makes my feeling music-wise about equal. That is, I can rate the “show” and the “performance” a little more objectively, without loving something so much I get the rose colored glasses.

I’ve run on about this, and my end point is what? Not sure I have one, other than that I’m increasingly becoming more and more agitated by the fact that sometimes I feel like I’m not getting my money’s worth for these shows. Must be a sure sign of getting old. *sigh* I’m waiting for everyone to comment on how the big music guy is finally seeing it how everyone else does, but so be it. Gotta learn the hard way, eh? 🙂

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