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From The “Week’s worth of nothing” Dept.

By Eric | August 20, 2004 11:32 am

So what’s been up since Monday? Not too much, worked a full week, about to have my first weekend off in who knows how long (thankfully its a trend that will continue!), and even got some bike riding in. Last night Tiff and I journeyed to Thursday in the Square down in Buffalo to see Gavin DeGraw. The review will be up shortly, but suffice to say Mr DeGraw is a performer. He plays piano and guitar, and is quite the singer… with stage prescence! Needless to say, there were quite a few screaming young girls in the audience. His opener, Toby Lightman was equally as impressive, and I’m not usually one for female singers. Good thing too, because she’s opening for Gavin again tonight at Water Street, and since Tiff’s shows are few and far between, we’re hitting up this show as well. Should be a good time, and then its off to Horseheads for the weekend before I get to come back for Game Changes… Video Poker!

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