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Grave Decision Time

By Eric | March 20, 2003 1:08 pm

Quoting Matt Daniels :

> Everyone,
> I write to you at a time of great gravity and solemnity: you must choose
> one concert or another, or both if you have a clone I suppose, or
> neither if you really feel that way. Anyway, the choice must be made.
> Seriously, though, here’s the deal:
> April 29 (Tuesday)
> -Rusted Root, 7pm, Harro East Ballroom, Rochester
> -Counting Crows, 8pm, Niagara Univ., Buff.
> Please reply to me and say CC, RR, neither, or clone.
> (If you know of someone who should have received this e-mail and isn’t
> on the list above, please forward this important message to them with my
> apologies for being forgetful.)
> In this time of our national band-conflict emergency, I appreciate your
> support and continued music appreciation.
> Yours Very Sincerely,
> Matthew Jack Daniels
> Director, Dept. of Homeland Music

Dearest Matt,
While I feel for you in this time of crisis, I feel a rash reaction would do no justice to the situation at hand. I would adivse a policy of total and utter inaction, and attend neither of the two concerts, instead coming to a fine residence such as 156 University Commons, and bemoaning your lack of entertainment over some fine Canadian ale.

Thank you for your prompt attention to my esteemed opinion on such a sensitive subject.

~ Eric J. Bonus
Chief Justice, Musical Supreme Court

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