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making the front page

By Eric | July 13, 2001 5:26 pm

Thursday night was the Toadies show at Showplace, what a show! Check out the review!

My sister is up for the weekend, we did the CD/Thrift store run today for her birthday, bought her some depeche mode CD’s.. woohoo!

I’m immortalized on the front page of the Tonawanda News for the Watchmen show last saturday… Im the dork in the white hat right by the kick drum… You can see Karl and Joe as well, part of Mike, but alas Mary is nowhere to be found…. 🙁 She wouldn’t have wanted to be in the picture anyway… hehehe!


Current Mood: A little tired, we were out all day

Song: U2 – Mysterious Ways (Live Buffalo, I have to burn this for Sara and Amanda)

Shirt: Toadies! (just got it last night!)

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