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not another music survey!

By Eric | April 9, 2002 9:00 pm

Sara did this, and I like stating my musical opinions, so here y’all go… plus midterm studying is looming, I’m starting after this, really I am!
1. Favorite band(s)? Staind, Cold, NIN, OLP, Tea Party, Sevendust, Tool, Korn, you get the idea
2. Do you enjoy concerts? 105 later? nope, don’t think so….
3. What was the last concert you attended? David Usher at the Tralf
4. Music you couldn’t live without? Like sara said, mine… 🙂
5. Kind of music that could fall off the face of the earth and you wouldn’t care nor miss it? techno.
6. About how many CDs do you own? Exactly 537
7. How many CDs can your stereo hold at a time? the AIWA holds 3, the computer can do 2 (two drives!)
8. Do you have a discman? Of course! Has the neat little wired remote thingy too
9. What CD could you listen to for hours? There’s a couple, The Fragile, Ten, BoyHitsCar
10. Can you sing well? : hell’s yeah! Karaoke superstar!
11. How many CDs do you own by Sublime? 2 (Self-titled and the What I Got EP)
12. Pink Floyd? zippo
13. Tool? 5 (Opiate, Undertow, AEnima, Salival, Lateralus)
14. Eminem? zero hahah
15. Incubus? not a one
16. Blink 182? Are you kidding me? ZERO
17. Everclear? Gag me
18. Weezer? geek rock is for trendy assholes.
19. Garbage? none
20. RATM? 3 (RATM, Evil Empire, Battle of LA) and I have the VHS with the videos on it
21. Dr. Dre? Just one, Make my bud The Chronic!
22. Fuel? 11, have a ton of promos and a bootleg
23. Linkin Park? Just the one, Hybrid Theory (I do have the original EP in mp3 as well)
24. Radiohead? zero
25. The Pixies? none. I know they were forrunners of grunge, but I don’t dig them
26. KoRn? 11, just got the Here To Stay promo
27. Limp Bizkit? 7, and I had 3 Dollar Bill waaaaaaay before MTV got to them….
28. Smashing Pumpkins? 2 (Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie)
29. MxPx? We used to be Christian but that wasn’t cool so we forgot about it but we still suck…
30. Foo Fighters? zero
31. Tom Petty? none
32. Eve 6? : yeah I have the first one…
33. Sum 41? RIT CAB just HAS to bring someone better next year…
34. No Doubt? that they suck?
35. Nine Inch Nails? We’re up to halo seventeen, so I have 21 (UK head like a hole, 2-disc closer import, 3-disc we’re in this together, TO 2000 bootleg) plus the Closure video… havent gotten the Fragility DVD quite yet.
Which lyrics come to your mind when you hear/or what do you think of:
36. Goo Goo Dolls? “Caught in a breakdown…” (Lazy Eye) (And I still resent them for their selfish display of 6 mediorcre songs at the Charity show)
37. Lifehouse? .- mad boring live… lyric? “Hanging by a moment here with you…”
38. Saves the Day? *whining like a baby* “…and I will sing, the requiem…” WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH
39. Staind? “CAN’T BREATHE…. SHUTUP…. SHUTUP…” (Spleen)
40. LFO? These are those “I like girls who were Abercrombie and Fitch” assholes aren’t they?
41. Beatles? “I wanna hold your haaaaaaaand…..”
42. Papa Roach? “My name’s Coby Dick, Mr. Dick if you’re nasty, rock a mic with a voice that’s raspy…” (Infest)
43. The Bloodhound Gang? DRUMMER FROM DEF LEPPARDS ONLY GOT ONE ARM! (I’m with Sara here, I think this is from Hold Your Head Up High (And Blow Your Brains Out))
44. Oasis? “Well, What’s the story, Morning Glory?”
45. Master P? as much as I hate this type of rap, “Make em say UUUUUUUUUUUUGH”
46. Our Lady Peace? “Super….. sattellite”
47. The Verve Pipe? “For the life of me, I cannot remember…” (The Freshman)
48. Limp Bizkit? “Breaker breaker 1-9, spittin out mad skills, suicidal punk let me know you’re real…” (Pollution)
49. Blink 182? Only good single they ever had, ahh the Gracie’s memories! “The timing, and structure, did you hear, he fucked her?” (Dammit)
50. Marilyn Manson? “Take your hatred out on me…” (Tourniquet)
51. 311? “…or play a track from your record collection, it’s your mix, congratulations” (Down).
52. Snoop Dogg? “…cuz it’s 1-8-7 on an undercover cop…” (Deep Cover)
53. The Fugees? “Killing me softly with his song…”
54. Britney Spears? i’m a slave for you (cuz i’m a big whore) (Sara said it best)
55. Janet Jackson? “We are a part of a Rhythm Nation”
56. Sisqo? “Somebody’s been sleeping in my bed…” (Acutally, that was a Dru Hill song)
57. Red Hot Chili Peppers? “Sometimes I feel like I don’t have a partner…” (Under The Bridge)
58. Elton John? “Daniel’s leaving tonight on a plane…”
59. Tupac? “How do you want it? How Does it feel?”
60. Aretha Franklin? “You better think… THINK! think about what you’re tryin to do to me…” (It’s in the Blues Brothers)

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