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RIoT Rich!!

By Eric | January 9, 2003 1:47 am

Quick indeed, out by 10, in by 1… shot home to NT to pick up some of the miscellaneous crap I left, like a jacket, all the DVD’s I got for Xmas, another CD rack, etc. Found out we got a new dishwasher… go figure! Hit the auto parts store to replace my taillight bulb, which lit up, but wouldn’t let my turn signal flash. So that’s fixed. Back up in Rochester, picked up Tiff from work and caught lunch. She had to work again at 3:30, so I went with her, and then went to the Syslab to get some more NetAdmin done. Got some stuff done, headed to ETC to chill for a bit, then got Tiff at the end of her shift and went to her place for dinner (mmm deep fried french fries!!) and put in her new burner. Came back home and studied Computer Crime for a bit, half paying attention to my Nickelback DVD…

I came into my room to find 4 IM’s about this song by some dudes called Logic X, turns out “RIoT Rich” is all about our RIT “culture”. So I fire up good ol DC, and sure enough, the welcome message is pushin the song, and they were smart enough to put up a RAR with lyrics in it!! Not throwing them all up here, but here’s a taste:

got a new tackle box and a photoshop server
hair cut lookin like rainbow sherbert
I wear, sandals in the winter (it’s true)
I don’t buy books, just glitter and glue
have second year standing til I’m 24
raise a family at the art house, second floor
out of all programs, yeah, art’s the hardest
I’m not lazy, I’m a starving artist
even if you think my art is garbage
you’ll love how dope my shopping cart is
drop art? maybe when I’m not retarded
my portfolio’s still hot regardless
friends hit the weed til they choke and they faint
all I need? dry macaroni and spray paint
drawing every day, wow, I’m amazin
probably co-op in the tunnels, working on a painting

It’s only funny because here, its so damn true…
Ok. Ok. Here’s a link to the song! (7.9MB)

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