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R.I.P. Woomobile (1988-2004)

By Eric | April 23, 2004 9:19 am

Woo Mobile (nee Mom’s Car) (1988-2004) of North Tonawanda, NY, April 20, 2004, beloved car of Eric J Bonus, dearest transportation for James, Linda, Amanda and Jacob Bonus, also for many friends and relatives. No prior visitation. A memorial service will be held at Crittenden Way Apartments on Saturday, April 24th. Funeral services were arranged by Frontier Auto Wrecking, 493 Young Street, Tonawanda. Mr. Mobile was a 1988 Ford Escort, licensed to drive in the state of New York, and served as a “student’s car” for 6 years, with a short stint in Lockport, NY, followed by a 5 year tour of duty at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Mr. Mobile will be most fondly remembered for his decorative stickers adorning the trunk lid and windows, and for terrible music blaring loudly from his speakers. Memorial donations in Mr. Mobile’s name may be made to the “Pay For The Sonata Fund” or instead deposited directly into the account of Eric Bonus.

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