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Rochester NY on just pennies a day

By Eric | June 6, 2003 11:28 am

I have made it down to Newfield in one piece! (Although the muffler is only barely in one piece… definately need to get a new one once I’m back in NT). But anyway, yesterday was a fun day indeed. I got to Karl’s house about noon, and we met Matt at Empire for lunch. It was great to see the guys and hang out, even though its only been two weeks… gives us all someone else to bitch about being unemployed to (and BTW, Congrats to Chip on getting a full-time job at Improv!!) After Empire we hit the Archive, I got my ticket for the Doubledrive show later that evening, and then me and Karl headed to the House of Guitars, where I hadn’t visted since last school year. Didn’t really matter, nothing’s changed! hehe… I did pick up a DoubleDrive album flat though, just in case. Back to Karl’s house to visit with his parents for an hour or so, then I dropped by 156 to say hi to Joe.

Got to the show (which was at Steel Music Hall, formerly Tremors) about 5:45 for 6:00 doors. I’ll post a show review shortly, but suffice to say that I got to see dD do their soundcheck (and do a song they didn’t do in the set!), I met them before and after the set, and had a rockin good time while they were playing! I think I was the only one there to see them (they were the first band on of four, the headliners being 12 Stones) and I think they appreciated it.

I jetted after their set, and made the drive down to Ithaca… made a slight detour to Kelley’s place first, as her and Tiff were hanging out. Chip was in town, so he came over and joined us as well… RIT in Ithaca I tell you! We watched Catch Me If You Can (Leo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks), twas ok, *shrug* I dunno…

Today Tiff’s taking me to Buttermilk Falls State Park, gonna do some walking around, a little picnic action, and just enjoy the day, since its supposed to be 70-ish today

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