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rockin the outback alley

By Eric | August 10, 2002 10:56 am

Work friday was kinda slow, I did a couple of odds and ends jobs, and then in the afternoon I got to go back to the peace bridge, more bus terminal fun, ghosted a machine or two…
Got home from work, the parents and Jake went to Corning to check out the glass museum, so me and Amanda went to Outback. We actually had a great waiter, but the moron cooks in the back kept putting bacon on Amanda’s cheese fries, so they took forever. We had no less than 3 different people apologize, and we got a free appetizer card out of it! A quick shot to the thrift store on the Boulevard (where we saw a woman switch prices on a candle… its like, you gotta cheat the freakin salvation army? how low are you?) and we were back home. Called up Adrienne, and went to one of the more unique events I’ve been to in awhile… Rock-n-Bowl! Voelkers Bowling Alley, on the corner of Elmwood and Amherst in buffalo, has local bands come in and play, and for $10, you get the show, two games of bowling, and the shoes! So I got to try out my new bowling ball (the $2 thrift store special!), and lets just say, my ball kicks ass! The whole reason for going was that hollowpoint was playing, and they were on first, so me and Adrienne watched them, then started bowling… got a couple beers, then Andy and Scott from hp, plus Scotts girlfiriend Gretchen joined us for bowling…. we had a most excellent time (yes way Ted!), me and Adrienne drove around for awhile afterwards, and I rolled into home about 1, and bed was not far behind. πŸ™‚
So now it’s 11am, and I have no plan whatsoever… πŸ™‚
current mood: still waking up
song: Stone Sour – Get Inside

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