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sanford gets a stereo

By Eric | February 10, 2002 6:53 pm

From the “Just Call Me Sanford” department:
I took out the garbage to the dumpster in our parking lot, when lo and behold, under the dumpster overhang, sat a small shelf-systen stereo! It’s a Garrard, a real POS, but its a CD/Tape/Radio, and it all works! It’s even got this little remote that also works! My guess is that someone deliberately placed it there, out of the rain, by someone, who either bought a new one, or because they thought it was broken (the selector switch takes a little playing with). not like I even needed another CD player, but the more electronic equipment, the merrier! 🙂
(If you’re wondering what I mean by Sanford, go here [http://www.classictvshop.com/shopping/sanford_and_son].)
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