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screwed by the goos

By Eric | December 31, 2001 2:07 pm

So I came back to Rochester Saturday afternoon, hung out, did a lot of nothing, made Dad’s steak (mm mm good!) did a little shopping, and crashed. got up late yesterday, hit the mall with Kelley and Mary, and then embarked on the grand disappointment that was the WNY Food Bank Benefit.
Keep in mind, this is not the review of the show, just the diatribe on how the night went down, the review I’m passing off on Mary if she so desires, as she’s got a lot to say about this too…We had been forewarned, as the ticketbastard website had noted that there was no implication of a full set by any of the bands. Which I expected. I don’t think anyone else did though, because I’m sure they didn’t say anything at the ticket window, and nowhere on the ticket itself did it say anything. The show started promptly at 7, with the opening act of Lance Diamond with Them JazzBeards. For 3 songs, 15-20 minutes, which all of the following bands got as well: Spirit of the West, The Juliana Theory, A gospel choir from Niagara Falls, the band that shall not be named (begins with a V, you all know who I mean!), CO Jones, Universal Honey, and finally the biggest letdown of them all, the Goo Goo Dolls.
Ok, yes this was for the WNY Food Bank, a very worthwhile cause. We brought our food as dutifully asked, and I wasn’t expecting a full set. However, I’m sure less seasoned concert goers were not aware that they weren’t going to see a full-on Goo show. I was expecting at least 8-9 songs, a 40-45 minute shorter set, but long enough to be out there for some resemblence of a concert. But noooooooooo…. how many songs did the Goo play? SIX! SIX lousy songs. It took them a whole 25 minutes. (For those keeping score at home, the set was Slide, Black Balloon, Naked, Broadway,. Burning Up, and an encore of a cover of American Girl (Tom Petty I’m told)). So anyway, yeah, six songs. Their hometown, and the greedy bastards stiff all of Western New York and play SIX songs. Each of the past Shredd and Ragan Misfit Xmas shows cost the donation of a toy, and all the bands played a regular set. OLP for the turkey show played a full set also. Why couldn’t the Goo’s, the hometown band, do the same? All of those shows were put on by the Edge, and this one conspicuously was not. I’m kinda glad now the Edge wasn’t pushing this harder.I think it speaks very poorly of them to cheap out the way they did. What heroes they could have been by playing a full set for the people. They kept talking about how it was great that everyone came out in spite of the snow. Well how about a little bit more gratitude? I’m personally not a Goo fan by any means, and the initial reason for going was because Partice wanted to go, Mary and I never turn down a show, and Sara was going to come also, Adrienne and Danielle also bought tickets. Good thing they didn’t postpone Toronto for this, and Trice worked instead. The car is a better goal than this sham of a show.
Like I said, I feel good about donating the food, and it was a great cause, but the execution was very poor on the Goo’s part. I just think to all the other beneift shows I’ve been to that have been really cheap, and all the bands played full sets. Matt Good at Variety Rocks, and another Food Bank show, in Rochester, with Splender was a full set also. Shame on the Goo’s for leading on the less knowledgeable.

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