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die crowdsurfers

Sara’s new car

econoline to erie for cake

Focus on the Family reviews IOWA

screwed by the goos

a tea party for canadian martyrs

throwing rocks, and the bottom falls out of the ketchup

the state of presents for amanda

housewarming for brooke

washington grand slams our images

jake’s grounded, and has the night of his life

cds, liquor, more geneseo

RIT moves to Geneseo, a *hit* of a party


A great weekend so far…

Rochester NY on just pennies a day

Mid-Weekend Update

Nothing In The Tank

Another Music Survey

Stolen Music Quiz!

Check… mates on the road

Music Television… playing Music?

…And That’s When I Dropped My Donuts.

Saving My Bandwidth

3 Concerts in 2 nights (what?)

The Best Song Ever Made

Pop Quiz Hot Shot

A Good Night and A Busy Week Ahead

All I Wanted Was A Pepsi…

Check Baby Check

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