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die crowdsurfers

pledging allegiance to Lewis Black

not pledging allegiance

another music survey

not another music survey!

robot outhouses

no degredation for violet light

a garden of shirts for eleven fingers

a bad NIC fixed my blues

housewarming for brooke

tully’s tool

RIT moves to Geneseo, a *hit* of a party

a friendly gathering

Cliff died, and you weren’t even born yet!

Cantrell in Ithaca

a night out with the parents

RIoT Rich!!

Wacky Wild Wings

Rochester NY on just pennies a day

doubleDriving to the landmarks

Music Survey!

Serves You Right?!

Upcoming Concert Calendar

On People, Posers, and Mallcore

Switching Into Living

Coming up on 10 Years of Concerts

Keep Those Updates Coming

The Music Mix Challenge

Two Years In The House, and More Concerts

All I Wanted Was A Pepsi…

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