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tickets.tops sucks!

By Eric | September 26, 2001 10:13 pm

The Tops in Henrietta is always a source of amazement and wonder. Tonight, I strolled in to pick up a handbill for the Family Values Tour, for which tickets go on sale Friday afternoon, it took the people behind the counter at least 10 minutes to crank one out for me and figure out what the hell I was trying to get, much like the people when I got the Pledge of Allegiance handbill… Tickets.com sucks, I hate a handbill policy, I despise ticketbastard just the same, but as Mary said, if you want to camp out for tickets, be my guest. It works much nicer that way. You snooze, you lose. I’m probably going to be the only one buying tickets there anyway, just like for Pledge, making the whole process a moot point, but I’m throwing a fit this time if I get seats and not floor. No being nice this time like I was last time, I was so exasperated I just wanted to get out of there. But whatever.

Sara sent me this weird eye thing, it worked for me, its kinda cool….

Fun? Wow.

I’m half-heartedly doing my Multimedia and DataComm homework, its nothing that requires immediate action, mainly because I’m reserving tomorrow for studying for my DataComm quiz… which I already have a 5 point head start on due to my team finishing 2nd in our “Jeopardy” style game we played last week Thursday. Go us!

Current Mood: slightly agitated, but cooling off

Song: Cold – Superstar

Shirt: for the hell of it, the Free RIT college of business one I procured today!

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