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01/06/2004 Sevendust, Ill Nino, Element 80 (Albany, NY @ Northern Lights)

By Eric | January 6, 2004 11:59 pm

I got to this show courtesy of working at the Saratoga race track on the install there. Ron and I headed down I-87 to Clifton Park to check out the show. After buying tickets at the door, we got inside and got warm, and I found Krista and Jen, who had driven up from Rhode Island. Element 80 was on first, and being a 4-piece from Texas, they immediately reminded me of Drowning Pool, and they sounded very similar to my ear. Not bad at all, for an opening band, I rather liked them. After their set, Ill Nino got underway, and there were quite a few fans there for them. I wasn’t sure what to expect from these guys, but I was kinda unimpressed with them. The latin-influenced drums were cool, but the songs all sounded the same, and the lead singer was not the most adept at working the crowd, other than to keep telling us to “get up” and then calling us pussies for not getting totally into their music. Blah. It was tolerable, and I’ve seen way worse, but I’ve seen better as well. Then for a horse of a different color, Sevendust came out and rocked everyones socks off! Opening with the signature Black, right into Denial and Crucified, they had the crowd in a frenzy the whole time. Sounding just as good as ever, next was Rumblefish, Skeleton Song, and the new single, Broken Down. Picking it back up with Trust, Praise, then back down again with Angel’s Son, the crowd was singing note for note. Enemy was next, and the main set was finished with Suffocate. Encore time! Starting with Waffle, and then a great closer in Face to Face, the crowd barely had the energy to go two more songs! The last song was supposed to be Bitch according to the setlist, but probably due to time constraints they didn’t play it. Ah well, the show was still amazing, and as always, Sevendust put on a rockin fun show!

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