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03/03/2005 Soulfly, God Forbid, Death By Stereo, Stemm (Buffalo, NY @ The Icon)

By Eric | March 3, 2005 11:59 pm

Twas a night for the rock. I got into the place just as Stemm was starting, and these guys have come a long way since the last time I saw them, interestingly enough opening for Soulfly in Rochester back in 2002. They only played a handful of songs, but they rocked hard, and sounded quite good. I picked up their 5 song CD after the show, and it sounded great.

Stemm setlist: My Own Blood, 13 Years, Incomplete, Till I Die, On The Surface, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Monster

So after Stemm, we were treated to Death By Stereo. I use treated lightly. These guys SUCK ASS. This band suffers from what I like to call OLSTWTHTSTHHS (Our Lead Singer Tries Way Too Hard To Show That He’s Hardcore Syndrome). Jumping out into the crowd with a corded mic and nearly strangling people isn’t exactly the way to gain any fans. Boring riffs, boring songs, etc. Thankfully God Forbid was after them, and totally made up for it. They played an energetic set, got the crowd into it. I only knew about two or three songs, but that didn’t matter much, they rocked.

Then it was time for Soulfly. Max, Bobby Burns (of Primer55 fame), Marc Rizzo and Joe Nunez came out and ripped it up. Opening with Prophecy, into Seek and Strike, Living Sacrifice, Born Again Anarchist, and Downstroy before finally taking a breather. They alternated between the Sepultura and Soulfly with Spit, Jumpdafuckup/Bring It, Refuse/Resist, and Execution Style. Another breather, then a Nailbomb track, Sum Of Your Achievements, a new song called Frontline, Porrada, then another new song with Max’s stepson Richie, Stay Strong, into Tree of Pain. Another break, then Defeat U, Mars, Back to the Primitive, and Brasil. Back for a two song encore, with the crowd pleaser No, and closed the night out with Eye For An Eye. A fun show, a fun night, it sounded great, and the crowd was awesome too, hardly any idiots.

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