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03/21/1999 Kid Rock, Staind (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

By Eric | March 21, 1999 11:59 pm

We knew the show was happening, but weren’t really planning on going as it was a Sunday night. Kid Rock did a signing at the House of Guitars earlier in the day, so I went for the hell of it, and got a pretty sweet personalized autographed poster. Considering it was only 8 bucks a ticket, Mary and I decided we’d go after all, and I’m really glad we did!

Kid Rock autographed poster from the House of Guitars, March 21, 1999

I had also picked up a tape sampler from Staind, whom I’d vaguely remembered seeing at the Limp Bizkit Funhouse gig. Once we got into Water Street, however, I’d never forget them again. Staind made a hell of an impression on us. Between Mike’s spastic guitar playing, and the way Aaron switched between singing and screaming, it was right in my wheelhouse. Even despite Aaron staring at the wall for most of the set, rather than looking at the crowd. I got hooked. Dysfunction hadn’t been released yet (it’d be another three weeks or so), but they played a bunch of stuff from it. Judging from other setlists of that era, I’m guessing ours was the same, so most likely:

A Flat
Just Go

So after being blown away by a band we didn’t even know was on the bill until day of, we got to see Kid Rock! I’d also seen him prior, stopping for about two seconds to watch him at Warped Tour the preceding summer. Fast-forwarding to the time of this show, “Welcome 2 The Party” had done nothing as a single, but “I Am The Bullgod” was finally getting the album some attention. “Bawitdaba” was two weeks away from being released as a single, so at this point Kid hadn’t had the big mainstream success yet. It didn’t matter, as I remember the place being rather full. Rock and the band sounded fantastic. I have no idea what he played or in what order, but I do remember being super-impressed with him and the band. At one point, someone tossed a beer bottle right at Kid Rock up on stage, hitting his guitar, and he looked on the verge of jumping off the stage to fight whoever did it. Unfortunately, Joe C was sick on this night, and didn’t perform, so I never did get to see him live. But all the articles about Rock are true, he has always put on a high-quality show, no matter how small the venue or the crowd.

I subsequently found out that there’s a live version of “Wasting Time” off of the German “Only God Knows Why” single that was recorded at this show!

I found a setlist via a bootleg tracklisting from the show in NYC three days later, I’m assuming it’s gotta be close to what we saw:

Devil Without A Cause
3 Sheets To The Wind
Welcome To The Party
I Am The Bullgod
Balls In Your Mouth
My Name Is Rock
Kid Mix (Kid Playing all Bands Instruments)
Somebody’s Gotta Feel This
Fist of Rage
I Got One For Ya
Wax The Booty
Wasting Time
Detroit Medley
Where U At Rock
Black Chick, White Guy
Only God Knows Why
Fuck Off


April 2020 – The super-awesome Liberated Tape Archive posted a video of essentially this set from a month later in Pittsburgh!

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