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02/28/1998 Our Lady Peace, Jack Drag (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

03/07/1998 The Tea Party, Foam (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

09/22/1998 Family Values: Korn, Rammstein, Ice Cube, Limp Bizkit, Orgy (Rochester, NY @ Blue Cross Arena)

10/09/1998 Reel Big Fish, Spring Heeled Jack USA, Frenzal Rhomb (Rochester, NY @ RIT Clark Gym)

11/27/1998 Deftones, Quicksand, Snapcase (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

01/21/1999 Fuel, Velour (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

03/21/1999 Kid Rock, Staind (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

04/01/1999 Vanilla Ice, Dial 7, Skarhead (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

04/09/1999 Moxy Fruvous, The Push Stars (Rochester, NY @ RIT Clark Gym)

10/01/1999 The Watchmen, Caroline’s Spine (Rochester, NY @ Milestones)

12/20/1999 Splender, 5head (Rochester, NY @ Milestones)

02/19/2000 Chris Cornell (Rochester, NY @ Harro East Ballroom)

03/17/2000 Snapcase, Boysetsfire, Turmoil, Bughouse (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

05/06/2000 Train, Gas Giants (Rochester, NY @ RIT Clark Gym)

06/13/2000 3 Doors Down, Stir, Mile (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

07/14/2000 Deftones, Glassjaw (Rochester, NY @ ESL Center)

08/29/2000 Papa Roach, (hed)pe, Not Waving But Drowning (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

09/22/2000 Nine Days, Johnny Society (Rochester, NY @ RIT Clark Gym)

10/02/2000 The Tragically Hip (Rochester, NY @ Auditorium Center)

10/24/2000 POD, (hed)pe, Project86 (Rochester, NY @ Water Street)

03/01/2001 Matthew Sweet, Gregory Paul (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

03/24/2001 Our Lady Peace, American Hi-Fi (Rochester, NY at The Water Street Music Hall)

04/15/2001 Godsmack, Staind, Cold, Systematic (Rochester, NY at Blue Cross Arena)

06/28/2001 3 Doors Down, Seven Mary Three, Oleander (Rochester, NY @ High Falls)

07/25/2001 Slipknot, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Disturbed (Rochester, NY @ Blue Cross Arena)

09/02/2001 Cold, Dope, Lifer (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

econoline to erie for cake

Cold’s price is right

screwed by the goos

03/24/2002 Injected, Greenwheel, Velour (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

04/15/2002 Sevendust, Reveille, Breaking Point (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

05/04/2002 The Tea Party, The Turnstones (Velour) (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

05/14/2002 Static-X, Earshot, Sinnistar (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

free fort erie

a bad NIC fixed my blues

08/12/2002 Our Lady Peace, Audiovent (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

mr. jake goes to rochester

08/24/2002 The Tea Party, The Turnstones, Junction Five (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

09/13/2002 Medeski, Martin and Wood (Rochester, NY @ RIT Clark Gym)

09/22/2002 High On Fire, Jucifer (Rochester, NY @ Bug Jar)

10/10/2002 Soulfly, North Side Kings, Stemm, Mower (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

10/11/2002 Hoobastank, Blindside, Greenwheel (Rochester, NY @ RIT Clark Gym)

Cantrell in Ithaca

coasting to the nonpoint

11/16/2002 Sevendust, 30 Seconds To Mars, Cinder, Closure (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

11/17/2002 Alabama Thunderpussy, Sixty Watt Shaman, Low Ton (Rochester, NY @ Bug Jar)

RIoT Rich!!

01/20/2003 3 Doors Down, Theory of a Deadman (Rochester, NY @ Harro East Ballroom)

02/07/2003 Our Lady Peace, Greenwheel (Rochester, NY @ RIT Clark Gym)

02/15/2003 Seether, Ra, Noise Therapy (Rochester, NY @ The Penny Arcade)

Grave Decision Time

04/22/2003 New Found Glory, Good Charlotte, Less Than Jake, The Disasters (Rochester, NY @ Blue Cross Arena)

06/05/2003 doubleDrive (Rochester, NY @ Steel Music Hall)

Rochester NY on just pennies a day

09/20/2003 Sevendust (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

Perfectly Circular

12/03/2003 Zebrahead, Lucky Boys Confusion, Plain White T’s, Supergarage (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

03/23/2004 Trapt, Smile Empty Soul, Finger Eleven, Strata (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

Rochester Sno-core

Another Survey

04/08/2004 Sevendust, Cold, Apartment 26, Atomship (Rochester, NY @ Harro East)

04/14/2004 Slipknot, Fear Factory, Chimaira, Sworn Enemy (Rochester, NY @ ESL Center)

R.I.P. Woomobile (1988-2004)

06/27/2004 Lucky Boys Confusion, RX Bandits, Big D and the Kids Table, The Budgets (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

08/01/2004 Finger Eleven, Thornley, Moments In Grace, Strata (Rochester, NY @ Steel Music Hall)

08/20/2004 Gavin DeGraw, Toby Lightman, Jennifer Marie (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

10/19/2004 The Tragically Hip, Sam Roberts (Rochester, NY @ Auditorium Theatre)

11/07/2004 Nonpoint, A Day Without Rain, Without Jade (Rochester, NY @ Steel Music Hall)

Lewis Black Coming To Rochester!

04/30/2005 Tony C. And The Truth (Rochester, NY @ RIT SAU)

05/12/2005 Chevelle, Dark New Day (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

Upcoming Concert Calendar

06/27/2005 Opeth, Chimaira, Strapping Young Lad, All That Remains (Rochester, NY @ The Penny Arcade)

07/06/2005 The Tea Party, Woke Up In Vegas, Deep Water Daze (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

03/09/2006 Nine Inch Nails, Saul Williams (Rochester, NY @ Blue Cross Arena)

Switching Into Living

Of 2006 Shows

03/08/2007 The Tragically Hip (Rochester, NY @ Harro East Ballroom)

03/25/2007 Lamb Of God, Trivium, Machine Head, Gojira (Rochester, NY @ Harro East)

Keep Those Updates Coming

05/11/2007 Mike Doughty (Rochester, NY @ Lilac Festival Stage)

05/18/2007 Breaking Benjamin, Puddle of Mudd, Red (Rochester, NY @ RIT Gordon Fieldhouse)

08/08/2007 Stone Sour, Sydonia, Dirty Little Rabbits (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

08/13/2007 GWAR, Shadows Fall (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

09/18/2007 Finger Eleven, Sick Puppies, Pride Tiger (Rochester, NY @ The Club at Water Street)

11/02/2007 The Tragically Hip, Joel Plaskett Emergency (Rochester, NY @ Auditorium Theatre)

11/02/2007 Sevendust (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

3 Concerts in 2 nights (what?)

01/31/2008 Killswitch Engage, Every Time I Die, The Dillinger Escape Plan (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

02/05/2008 Eric Hutchinson, Jared Campbell (Rochester, NY @ High Fidelity)

03/07/2008 The Dreaming, Shelflyfe (Rochester, NY @ The Club At Water Street)

03/13/2008 Mike Doughty, The Panderers (Rochester, NY @ The German House)

06/01/2008 Ashes Divide (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

09/28/2008 Cake, Winterpills (Rochester, NY @ The Main Street Armory)

02/21/2009 Disturbed, Skindred, Caustic (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

03/07/2009 Shinedown, Saliva, Halestorm (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

04/03/2009 Black Label Society, Sevendust, Dope, The Infinite Staircase (Rochester, NY @ The Main Street Armory)

04/08/2009 G. Love & Special Sauce, The Movement (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

04/20/2009 Theory Of A Deadman, Black Stone Cherry (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

04/27/2009 Gavin Rossdale, Endless Hallway (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

05/13/2009 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (Rochester, NY @ Lilac Festival Stage)

05/18/2009 Korn, Burn Halo, Caustic, His Name Was Yesterday (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

The Summer Concert Roundup

07/22/2009 Thriving Ivory, The Stars of Track and Field, Pilot Speed, Streamline (Rochester, NY @ The Club at Water Street)

07/25/2009 The Tragically Hip (Rochester, NY @ The Highland Bowl)

07/31/2009 Hatebreed, Chimaira, Winds Of Plague, Dying Fetus, Toxic Holocaust, Caustic, Phantoms, Beyond This Day, A Thousand Shades Of Cold (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

08/09/2009 Sevendust (Rochester, NY @ Riverside Festival Site)

10/02/2009 A Thousand Shades Of Cold, Shadows Of The Past (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

10/11/2009 Every Time I Die, Bring Me The Horizon, Architects (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

11/06/2009 Maroon5, Kate Earl (Rochester, NY @ RIT Gordon Fieldhouse)

11/23/2009 All That Remains, The Devil Wears Prada, Story of the Year (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

12/16/2009 Strike The Sky, More Than Me (Rochester, NY @ The Club at Water Street)

02/01/2010 Shinedown, Puddle of Mudd, Skillet (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

05/14/2010 Sister Hazel (Rochester, NY @ Lilac Festival)

06/19/2010 Daughtry, Lifehouse, Cavo (Rochester, NY @ Blue Cross Arena)

07/06/2010 Fuel, Danielle Barbe, Strike The Sky, Minds Open Wide (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

01/19/2011 Music As A Weapon V: Disturbed, Korn, Sevendust, In This Moment (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

05/07/2011 Stone Temple Pilots, Rose Hill Drive (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

08/12/2011 Sponge (Rochester, NY @ East End Music Festival)

09/16/2011 Rock Allegiance / Rock The Cans: Papa Roach, Buckcherry, Puddle of Mudd, P.O.D., Red, Crossfade (Rochester, NY @ Genesee Brewery)

11/11/2011 Black Tusk, Thou, MonstrO (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

11/12/2011 Chimaira, Skeletonwitch, Molotov Solution, A Thousand Shades of Cold (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

02/16/2012 Shadows Fall, Hate Machine, Order of the Dead, Armed With Valor, Fleshburn (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

02/24/2012 Mike Doughty, Angelo Rose (Rochester, NY @ The German House)

03/03/2012 Matthew Good, Emily Greene (Rochester, NY @ The Club At Water Street)

08/04/2012 Toadies, Helmet (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

11/15/2012 Theory of a Deadman, Adelita’s Way (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

02/09/2013 Daughtry, 3 Doors Down (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

03/04/2013 Deftones, The Contortionist (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

04/18/2013 Hatebreed, Every Time I Die, Terror, Job For A Cowboy (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

05/24/2013 Hollywood Undead, American Fangs (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

06/07/2013 Fuel, Laura Wilde, Melia, Starlight Cities (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

06/13/2013 Lamb Of God, Decapitated (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

06/15/2013 Drowning Pool, Eye Empire (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

06/18/2013 Filter (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

08/24/2013 Chimaira, The Browning, Threat Signal, Dark Sermon (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

12/06/2013 Zach Myers and Zack Mack (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

12/29/2013 Clutch, Into Another (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

05/08/2014 Buckcherry, Fozzy, Adelita’s Way (Rochester, NY @ The Arena at the Main Street Armory)

06/21/2014 Weezer, DIIV (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

10/08/2014 Soulfly, Million Miles From Broadway, Before The Foundation (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

10/10/2014 Theory of a Deadman, Fozzy (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

11/15/2014 Mike Doughty (Rochester, NY @ The Club at Water Street)

12/05/2014 Nonpoint, (hed)pe, Recoil, Million Miles From Broadway, Setiva (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

02/09/2015 Periphery, Nothing More (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

02/27/2015 Bush, Theory of a Deadman (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

05/13/2015 Godsmack, Papa Roach (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

05/14/2015 Hatebreed, Hate Machine, Order Of The Dead, REPS (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

05/29/2015 Tantric, While She Waits, Aggressive Betty, Seeking Monte (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

06/02/2015 Flaw, Seasons After, Oblivious Signal, Setiva (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

07/07/2015 Powerman 5000, SOiL, Without Regret (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

07/22/2015 10 Years, Nonpoint, The Family Ruin (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

08/08/2015 Coal Chamber, Fear Factory, Jasta (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

08/15/2015 Psychostick, Wolfborne, Beneath Hells Sky, Murder In Rue Morgue (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

09/18/2015 GWAR, Butcher Babies (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

Eric’s Top 5 (+1!) Concerts of 2015

05/06/2016 Like A Storm, Devil You Know, Oni (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

05/13/2016 Texas Hippie Coalition, Sons Of Texas, Dear Mr. Dead (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

05/22/2016 All That Remains (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

11/22/2016 Five Finger Death Punch, Shinedown, Sixx A.M. (Rochester, NY @ Blue Cross Arena)

02/26/2017 Mike Doughty (Rochester, NY @ Flour City Station)

02/28/2017 Big Wreck (Rochester, NY @ Anthology)

05/30/2017 Tool, Once And Future Band (Rochester, NY @ Blue Cross Arena)

07/08/2017 Fuel, Unwill (Rochester, NY @ The German House)

07/21/2017 Primus, Clutch (Rochester, NY @ Dome Arena)

08/25/2017 Eyehategod, Cro-Mags, Escuela (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

09/12/2017 Overkill, Crowbar, Havok (Rochester, NY @ The German House)

09/21/2017 Megadeth, Unearth (Rochester, NY @ The Dome Arena)

10/25/2017 Insane Clown Posse, RA The Rugged Man, LYTE, Ouija, Unborn Society (Rochester, NY @ Funk N Waffles)

02/11/2018 Stone Sour, Halestorm (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

02/24/2018 Darkest Hour, Whores (Rochester, NY @ Photo City Improv)

03/02/2018 Anthrax, Killswitch Engage, Havok (Rochester, NY @ Dome Arena)

04/07/2018 Sirens & Sailors, The Weight We Carry (Rochester, NY @ Bug Jar)

04/18/2018 Papa Roach, Nothing More, Escape The Fate (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

05/22/2018 Butcher Babies, Nonpoint (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

06/02/2018 Samantha Fish, White Woods (Rochester, NY @ Flour City Station)

07/21/2018 Adelita’s Way, Dead Girls Academy, Zero Theorem, Small Town Titans (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

08/12/2018 Boy Hits Car (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

10/04/2018 Our Lady Peace, Oak & Ash (Rochester, NY @ Anthology)

10/24/2018 Sevendust, Ovtlier, Cry To The Blind (Rochester, NY @ Anthology)

08/31/2019 Sirens & Sailors, Such Gold, Nightmares (Rochester, NY @ Anthology)

09/22/2019 Hatebreed, Ringworm (Rochester, NY @ Anthology)

10/26/2019 Mike Doughty, The Ghost of Mr. Oberon (Rochester, NY @ Flour City Station)

07/25/2021 Gemini Syndrome, A Killer’s Confession, Ovtlier (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

08/14/2021 Between The Buried And Me (Rochester, NY @ Anthology)

09/08/2021 Sevendust, Tremonti (Rochester, NY @ Anthology)

11/05/2021 Ra, Any Given Sin (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

11/09/2021 Our Lady Peace, Charit Way (Rochester, NY @ Photo City Music Hall)

03/11/2022 Killswitch Engage, August Burns Red, Light The Torch (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

05/10/2022 Megadeth, Lamb Of God, Trivium, In Flames (Rochester, NY @ Blue Cross Arena)

05/14/2022 Cold, University Drive, Black Satellite (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

08/19/2022 Hatebreed (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

11/22/2022 Ice Nine Kills, Black Veil Brides, Motionless In White, Atreyu (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

02/01/2023 Papa Roach, Falling In Reverse, Hollywood Undead, Escape The Fate (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

03/01/2023 Skillet, Theory Of A Deadman, Saint Asonia (Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory)

11/06/2023 Tool, Steel Beans (Rochester, NY @ Blue Cross Arena)

03/13/2024 Powerman 5000, September Mourning, The Great Alone, Alborn (Rochester, NY @ Photo City Music Hall)

03/16/2024 Will Hoge ( Rochester, NY @ Abeline Bar and Lounge)

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