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05/06/2001 3 Doors Down, Econoline Crush (Niagara Falls, NY @ Niagara University)

By Eric | May 6, 2001 11:59 pm

This was a really confusing setup, as we had been told it was free for everyone, yet NU’s webpage said it was only for NU students. So we tried anyway and walked right in! The fact that it was outside helped too. There couldn’t have been 10 people at the whole place that knew who EC was. We were all at the barrier singing along with every song, and me and Joe got in the “Oh Yeah’s” during You Dont Know What Its Like, Trevor pointed at us and gave us the thumbs up! They also played Head Like a Hole as an insert to Wicked. We ran over to the side after the set and met everyone in the band, We ended up talking to Dan, EC’s bass player, for quite awhile. Caught the tail end of 3DD’s set, I guess this was the last show of the tour, and NU’s crowd was really lame for them, and EC as well. Nevertheless, Trevor updated his tour diary on brandnewhistory.com. and thanked us!

Niagara, New York

Sadly this was our last day on the 3 Doors Down tour. We had such a great time playing with these guys that we were dreading this day. This is the first band in all our years of playing that gave us a thank you card. Just a great bunch of guys and a wonderful organization to work with.
We just wanted to mention some people that helped make the Niagara show fun. Ted for keeping the thing rolling. Marybeth for all her hard work. Ziggy wanted to thank Nicole. Dan wanted to thank Joe and Eric and all their friends.
The crew guys for 3dd were great too! Special thanks to Gary and Lulu.

The show was outside and it was very cold but the audience hung in there. A lot of people from this show followed us to Buffalo. The fan base is getting bigger day by day.

Pics thanks to Sara.
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