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05/04/2001 Finger Eleven, Boy Hits Car, Drowning Pool (Buffalo, NY @ Showplace Theater)

By Eric | May 4, 2001 11:59 pm

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18 years ago today – what a great bill! @drowningpoolofficial with @boyhitscarofficial and @finger_eleven at the #showplacetheatre in #Buffalo. We had no idea who Drowning Pool were, but Dave Williams didn't take long in showing us, his energy was of course incredible. I think they'd released Bodies to radio and the album wasn't even out yet! Then BHC came on and we said "what the hell is this?" and instantly fell in love with them too. @cregg_rondell took his stage dive and miraculously was caught. And then Finger Eleven was solidly in the middle of the tour for Greyest of Blue Skies and had a great show. Presumably they liked the crowd and venue as they came back two years later to shoot the live DVD that was packed in with the self-titled album! #fingereleven #boyhitscar #drowningpool #greyestofblueskies #ticketstubs #concertstories #2001 #RIPDaveWilliams

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This is one of the few shows where both the openers were impressive. Drowning Pool started the show, and these guys rock. The singer was wandering all over the place, and it was their first show on this tour, so they looked extremely excited to be there, and it came out during their set. Lots of energy. During one song the singer proceeded to bang a shovel on the stage (we dont like snow either, but really, its okay!). Then Boy Hits Car came out, and these guys are a weird mix of Caroline’s Spine, Disturbed and the Tea Party (yes, these three bands!). But they made it work! The singer was a Zack de la Rocha look-alike, but didnt sound like him at all. The rest of the band sounded pretty cool too, almost very song had an acoustic guitar and then would kick in to some real heavy stuff. During the last song the lead singer did a stage dive! Then after another intermission, Finger Eleven. Much better than the Kitchener show to me, they played a healthy mix of both albums, doing a really cool improv on Tip, and getting the entire crowd involved during Suffocate. Closed with Above, then did Stay and Drown and Drag You Down for the encore. The crowd actually wasnt too bad either, which made it that much more enjoyable.

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