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05/13/2009 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (Rochester, NY @ Lilac Festival Stage)

By Eric | May 14, 2009 10:39 am

Since I know virtually nothing about them, this is going to be a review at a 3rd grade reading level.

I saw Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at the Lilac Festival. It was fun. There were a lot of people there. I sat on the ground on a blanket and talked with my friends. The band was good. They played for about an hour and a half. They played the one song everyone knew about 3 bottles or something*. They also played the “hidey-hidey-hidey-hi” song#. Everyone sang along and it was fun. I had a good time.

*Yes, this would be “You and Me and the Bottle Makes Three”.
#BBVD did a mini-tribute to Cab Calloway, and one of the songs was “Minnie The Moocher”

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