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07/20/2012 Big Wreck, The Balconies (Lockport, NY @ Ulrich City Centre)

By Eric | July 28, 2012 8:15 am

The Balconies, a three-piece out of Toronto (via Ottawa) was the first band I saw (there were two others, but I didn’t see them), and they were very impressive. If all “indie-rock” was like this, I’d probably like it a lot better. Just good catchy tunes, a lead singer that can actually sing (and she could belt it out too), and a band that could keep up. Good stuff.

But of course, most everyone was there to see Big Wreck. I mean, it’d only been 11 years since I’d seen them at Edgefest in Barrie, and if you wanted to count seeing Thornley open for Finger Eleven, it’d been 8. Ian and the boys haven’t missed a beat. A nice spread over the three Big Wreck albums, plus a couple off the first Thornley disc (nothing off the second, however), they kept everyone happy. Including me, as they opened with Look What I Found, and I also got Ladylike. The new stuff sounded awesome (especially the ZZ Top-esque You Caught My Eye), and naturally everyone went bonkers for The Oaf as the closer. Great stuff all the way around, and as their only US date for the foreseeable future, I count myself lucky enough to have been there!

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Big Wreck
Look What I Found
That Song
All Is Fair
So Far, So Good (Thornley cover) (Extract)
Falling To Pieces (Thornley cover)
Blown Wide Open
Come Again (Thornley cover)

You Caught My Eye
By The Way (Extract)
The Oaf

That Song


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