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08/04/2012 Toadies, Helmet (Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall)

By Eric | August 5, 2012 8:35 am

A total nostalgia-fest with a co-headlining run for the two 90’s alternative mainstays. Helmet was one of those bands that I probably should have gotten into, but just never did. I couldn’t pick a song out of a lineup besides maybe In The Meantime (and I only know that because Soulfly covered it). Anyway, Page Hamilton seemed to be having quite the good time up on stage with the rest of the dudes who currently make up Helmet. It also seemed like the fans that were there for Helmet were really enjoying themselves. Good on them.

Judging from other setlists on this tour, I saw some approximation of:
So Long
Welcome to Algiers
Exactly What You Wanted
White City
Bad Mood
Seeing Eye Dog
Wilma’s Rainbow

I managed to worm my way up front for the Toadies, and had a blast. Blast from the past, to start, since they opened with Backslider and I Come From The Water. There was a heavy emphasis on the older stuff to be sure (8 songs off Rubberneck!), not that I think anyone complained. The new stuff got its due as well, with 3 songs off the brand new Play. Rock. Music. and 3 off No Deliverance, with some HB/SA stuff and even a Feeler track (Waterfall) to keep the diehards happy. The band sounded fantastic, the fans were enthusiastic, and I think, given the partisan crowd, that the percussion-heavy closer “I Burn” got a bigger reaction than Possum Kingdom did! (Judge for yourself in the videos below). I had an absolute blast, considering it had been eleven years since I saw them in Buffalo, and not that it really counts, but over five years since seeing Todd Lewis front the Burden Brothers.

Toadies Setlist
I Come from the Water
No Deliverance
Summer of the Strange
Push the Hand
Beside You
Song I Hate
Possum Kingdom
Hell In High Water
Mister Love

Rattler’s Revival
I Burn

2012-08-04 Toadies, Helmet @ Water Street Music Hall


Possum Kingdom


I Burn

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