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07/02/2001 Friendship Festival: The Tea Party (Fort Erie, ONT @ Mather Arch Park)

By Eric | July 2, 2001 11:59 pm

All that driving… Everyone met at my house at 8pm, then we had to get Dave Z. back in Cheektowaga, so logically we’d take the Peace Bridge, right? Not with that traffic! It was actually worth our while to drive all the way back to the Falls and take the Rainbow Bridge over, then take Niagara Parkway back into Fort Erie. Totally backtracking, but it was worth it. We got there just as Joydrop was ending (Molotov Cocktail, Inc. and Static in Stereo also played), and Mary took off through the crowd like a bat out of hell! We ended up getting stuck behind these asshole Americans that were standing on coolers, totally blocking everyone’s view. So much for visuals.

The Tea came out and opened with Temptation again, with the mini The River insert, then Fire in the Head, Psychopomp, Save Me/Kashmir, Halcyon Days, The Bazaar, Walking Wounded, Lullaby, Requiem (another new song that rocked!), Heaven Coming Down, and again closed with Winter Solstice/Sister Awake/Paint it Black. The crowd up front was better than Edgefest, but considering 103.3 put this show on, there seemed to be a lot of idiot Americans that knew two songs and were just generally not into it. The show was awesome however, and judging from the new songs, “Interzone Mantras” should be a great album. (Spoiler: it certainly was!)

2001-07-02 The Tea Party @ Friendship Festival

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