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07/07/2001 The Watchmen, Trouser (North Tonawanda, NY @ Gateway Park)

By Eric | July 7, 2001 11:59 pm

We actually got a good show in NT, and it was free! The politicos were all worried that the concert series at Gateway Park was going to attract “undesireables”. There was none of that, only good music. We met the Watchmen guys and got autographs as soon as we got there, as we approached the stage from behind. Trouser came all the way from Newfoundland to open, and they really didnt sound half bad. A straight ahead rock band, their guitar player was pretty good with his solos and such; they did a cover of Bohemian Rhapsody that got the crowd going. Then the Watchmen came out, opening with I’m Waiting and playing some new songs along the way, which had some samples, but sounded really cool! I wouldnt expect the Watchmen to use a drum machine, but new and different can be good! Mary got a setlist, and the songs were: I’m Waiting, Mister, no longer mine (new song), boneyard tree, soul stealer, holiday (new song), any day now, wiser, lusitantia, I like it (new song), ACC? (Never figured out what this was), incarnate, slomotion (new song), stereo. ENCORE: all uncovered, say something. There were a lot of Canadians that came down for it, singing the words and such. They got a new drummer as well. After the show we got more autographs, I stole a poster off the wall and got it signed. They guys were very gracious after the show about signing stuff and talking to us. A great show, and for free!! 🙂

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