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08/09/2009 Sevendust (Rochester, NY @ Riverside Festival Site)

By Eric | August 11, 2009 3:06 pm

[This was a part of The Zone 94.1’s Bonzai festival, which also featured Street Sweeper Social Club, Tantric, Sick Puppies, Framing Hanley, Smile Empty Soul and The Gay blades, none of which we saw.]

After an already full day down in Elmira winding down Pat and Jodi’s wedding, Tiff and I got home around 5:45pm, fairly tired, and promptly went right back out the door, and headed downtown to see if we could catch whatever was left of Bonzai. Why are we this demented? Because Sevendust was headlining! The one heavy band Tiff actually likes! As we’re driving by the site (in the parking lot across from Blue Cross Arena), we hear Lajon getting the crowd pumped up and announce Alpha. We hustle to a parking spot in the ramp, and back down across the bridge to the site as they’re playing Pieces (They started with Inside, and we completely missed Enemy as well). I had bought tickets at Park Ave Fest, but by now they were worthless, as we walked right in and no one said as much as “boo” to us. There didn’t seem to be a whole hell of a lot of people left, but then again, it had rained most of the day, so I’m guessing people punked out. Anyway, everyone that was left looked sufficently into the band, if not super amped up as if it was solely a 7D show. We arrived just in time to hear one of my favorites, Clueless. Tiff and I camped out on the rear edge of the crowd, in the back left. Even I was too tired to venture into the pit, which during Waffle looked pretty formidable. Suffocate and Angel’s Son slowed it down a touch, before they ramped it right back up with a Home 2-fer, Denial and Rumble Fish. The boys were working the crowd as always, probably a little more so than they would have for one of “their” shows. Nonetheless, the singalong was decent for Ugly, and even better for Praise. After a short rest, the encore was Bitch, followed by the always-a-blast closer Face To Face. Even though we missed three songs, and my tickets were pretty much useless, it was worth heading down to see the hour of tunes we saw. It’s kinda funny, because one would think it’d be the other way around, I’ve seen 7D a million times, why bother? Because I/we knew what we’d be missing, and we’d have been right. We would have missed another killer set from the Atlanta boys. Right after the set, some kid standing near us pulled my own trick and got the setlist from the soundboard, and was kind enough to let me grab a picture of it, thus the photo you see below, and how I know what we missed!


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