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08/12/2009 Framing Hanley, Transmit Now, His Name Was Yesterday, Sixpin (Buffalo, NY @ The Tralf)

By Eric | August 13, 2009 5:35 pm

This night saw me taking a quick trip down the Thruway to see two of my favorite local bands. After I milled around a bit, Adam and Kristen made their appearance, and not soon after that Sixpin took to the stage. I had seen them acoustically before the OLP show in Lockport last month, so this was my first time getting to see them plugged in. As expected, the boys can rock! They ran through a couple of their newer tunes along side some of the tracks from Made To Bleed, including High Fashion, Invisible, Disintegrate, Break The Fall, and a couple others, closing with Burned. It was nice to see as many people in attendance as there was; I wasn’t quite sure what to expect on that front, but there were plenty of people there, and a good number of them there early enough to watch the openers. Good crowd response for the Sixpin guys, and they deserved it. Good show by them.

His Name Was Yesterday was on next, and unbeknownst to Adam and I, they have a new guitar player and a new bass player. Seamless integration, as if you didn’t know they weren’t originally in the band, you couldn’t have told. They opened with the Fight Club intro into Beneath The Lie, then the new Funeral Song, and I couldn’t tell you the order after that, but one or two more new songs, Ghost Of John Wayne, For What It’s Worth, and the closer was Until You’re Gone. Plenty of crowd response for HNWY too, and a great showing on their part also.

With the two bands drawing my interest over with, we retreated to the back of the venue, chatted up the Sixpin guys for a bit and bought a shirt, and then watched the direct support, a band that until last week no one even knew was on the bill. Transmit Now are a band out of Orlando, with not a lot of bite. They weren’t particularly heavy, and quite frankly, weren’t particularly good. Apparently they’re on Framing Hanley’s label, which is how they got the gig. It wasn’t on their merits, because Sixpin and HNWY both blew them out of the water. After the uninspired set, it was time for Framing Hanley. They came out with some incredibly deep bass, and some decently rockin’ songs. Unfortunately, they’re the type of band that I already like a million different versions of, and unless they bring something unique to the table (and in my opinion, they didn’t), then I’m not making it a million and one bands. Which is to say, they were good, but I wasn’t WOW’ed. So that, combined with the fact that I had a drive back to Rochester, and it was 10:45, caused me to jet after three songs. I had gotten what I paid for with the first two bands, so I left feeling satisfied that I saw a good show!

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