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06/11/1997 Our Lady Peace, Cool For August, Puzzle Gut (Buffalo, NY @ The Tralf)

03/27/1999 Econoline Crush, God’s Children (Buffalo, NY @ The Tralf)

03/14/2001 Our Lady Peace (Buffalo, NY at the Tralf)

03/26/2002 David Usher (Buffalo, NY at The Tralf)

03/24/2004 Edwin McCain, Robert Bradley’s Blackwater Surprise, Pete Riley (Buffalo, NY @ The Tralf)

02/16/2008 Will Hoge, Dawn Landes (Buffalo, NY @ The Tralf)

07/22/2008 Eric Hutchinson, Maria Sebastian (Buffalo, NY @ The Tralf)

08/12/2009 Framing Hanley, Transmit Now, His Name Was Yesterday, Sixpin (Buffalo, NY @ The Tralf)

09/25/2009 Sixpin, The Fated Grey, Five Point, Do Driver (Buffalo, NY @ The Tralf)

08/28/2010 More Than Me, Hey Monea, Free Henry, Strike The Sky (Buffalo, NY @ The Tralf)

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