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09/12/2017 Overkill, Crowbar, Havok (Rochester, NY @ The German House)

By Eric | September 13, 2017 11:24 am

This was the second show in a row where I barely knew any of the material, but knew as a fan of heavy music that I ought to see these bands, including the opener.

I got to the German House just as Havok started their last song, but what I did catch was pretty good. They’re a straight up thrash band from Denver and I’d heard a number of good things about them. Wish I could have seen more of them. (Little did I know they’d come back with Killswitch and Anthrax a couple months later!)

Havok Setlist:
Unnatural Selection
Hang Em High
Claiming Certainty
Intention to Deceive

I’d been interested in Crowbar forever, thanks to Beavis and Butt-head, but also due to frontman Kirk Windstein guesting on Jasta’s podcast a couple of times and doing the two Kingdom of Sorrow records, plus being a part of Down. Despite all that, I never really delved into the Crowbar catalog all that much until recently. They’d played at the California Brew Haus the year prior and I couldn’t go, so I was glad to have made this one. Again, not really knowing much of anything inside and out save for All I Had I Gave, the set was entertaining all the way through. Jasta doesn’t call Kirk the Riff Lord for nothing… they had them in spades. And HEAVY. Damn. Good times.

Crowbar setlist (fairly certain):
I Am the Storm
High Rate Extinction
All I Had (I Gave)
To Build a Mountain
The Cemetary Angels
Walk With Knowledge Wisely
Plasmic and Pure
Planets Collide
Like Broken Glass

2017-09-12 Overkill / Crowbar / Havok @ The German House

So while I knew a little about Crowbar, I knew even less about Overkill, other than that they were considered in the second tier of 80’s thrash bands among others such as Exodus and Testament. There was a healthy turnout for them, and they were quite entertaining. Lead singer Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth has a very distinctive voice (and look!), and former Shadows Fall drummer Jason Bittner was playing with them as well. For knowing zero songs, I had a good time just watching the show from the back!

Overkill Setlist:
Mean, Green, Killing Machine
Rotten to the Core
Electric Rattlesnake
Hello From the Gutter
In Union We Stand
Goddamn Trouble
Wrecking Crew
I Hate
Shine On
Thanx for Nothin’

Fuck You (The Subhumans cover)

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