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10/24/2000 POD, (hed)pe, Project86 (Rochester, NY @ Water Street)

By Eric | October 24, 2000 11:59 pm

Project86 was okay, the lead singer reminded me of Serj from System Of A Down just on his facial expressions and such… they werent too bad, I got into a couple of the songs… I was waiting for (hed), and they ripped shit up again, sounded better than with P.Roach… played almost the same setlist as before, except for Jesus (of Nazareth), which is ironic considering that POD and Project86 are both Christian bands… why (hed) was on this tour baffles me… anyway, POD came out after a lengthy set change, played Southtown second, then I left to meet some of the (hed) crew, got autographs from BC and Wes this time around… fun wow!

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