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10/25/2017 Insane Clown Posse, RA The Rugged Man, LYTE, Ouija, Unborn Society (Rochester, NY @ Funk N Waffles)

By Eric | October 27, 2017 9:50 am

Well, well, well, 20 years later, who would have thunk it. I had purchased The Great Milenko not long after it was released (the 2nd time, on Island) and it still stands as the one and only ICP record I own. Always loved this one, but never had any real desire to delve in any further. I had missed out on a show around that time (a little digging looks like it would have been January 8, 1998 at Showplace), so prior to this I’d never seen ICP either. Who knows what life would have been like had I gotten to that show – mayhaps I would have turned into a juggalo? Food for thought.

Anyway, ICP announced a 20-year anniversary tour for Milenko, where they’d play the album front to back. Rochester had a date! No time like the present, said this old man. I’d finally get to see them, and they’re only playing the one album I know? Perfect! Initially this was going to be at the German House, which seemed strange to me (too nice, too small), and then they moved it to Water Str… er, Funk and Waffles. New name, same place. Hasn’t changed a bit. I had my ticket, and then as it turned out, Tiff’s friend had just gotten married, and her husband is a big ICP fan, so a little extra wedding present saw Doug coming with me.

We got there pretty early, and the place was packed already. The crowd was about what I expected – the juggalos rolled in with tons of face paint, dyed hair, and whatever else. There were a ton of openers – first (and only) band on was Unborn Society, who for what little we saw sounded pretty good. A metal band wasn’t quite what I was expecting to see. The next guy, Ouija, was a skinny little white dude that I guess was rapping – it was hard to tell what was song and what was hype. Not terribly impressed. LYTE was the next guy up, and he was much better. Direct support was RA The Rugged Man, and this was more like it. I’m no rap connoisseur, but he impressed me.

So after all the openers, we squeezed down to the front left by the bar, and the intro tape hit, and away we went. I had a blast rapping along with all the old tunes, and speaking of blasts – everyone and everything was blasted with Faygo. I had the foresight to wear garbage, and bring a change of clothes in the car! Nostalgia aside, ICP put on a great show – Shaggy and Violent J obviously know what they’re doing in front of a crowd, their support crew had everything sounding good, and the crowd didn’t seem like it had too many idiots in the pit. For all the talk about juggalos and ICP and all the hysteria over the years, this was like any other sold-out show I’ve ever been to at Water Street – hot, sweaty, kinda gross (given the Faygo, and it’s not like GWAR is any cleaner!), and a ton of fun. You’ll never mistake me for a juggalo, but this was a damn good time!

2017-10-25 Insane Clown Posse @ Funk N Waffles

The Great Milenko 20 Year Tour
Great Milenko
Hokus Pokus
Piggy Pie
How Many Times?
Southwest Voodoo
Hall Of Illusions
Under The Moon
What Is A Juggalo?
House Of Horrors
Boogie Woogie Wu
The Neden Game
Down With The Clown
Just Like That
Pass Me By

House of Horrors

The Neden Game


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