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11/07/2004 Nonpoint, A Day Without Rain, Without Jade (Rochester, NY @ Steel Music Hall)

By Eric | November 7, 2004 11:59 pm

A rare Sunday night show just across the river, with two Rochester bands for support. Without Jade opened things up, and while I’ll admit that their mix sucked, I don’t think much would have helped them. Just not interesting at all. We couldn’t hear the singer, the bass was overpowering, and it probably was just as well. It was punky/emo-y type stuff, not even not my scene, just not interesting. A Day Without Rain was next, and while their mix was much better, and their singer definately into what he was doing, I couldn’t get into their stuff either. This kid could actually sing too, but he didn’t do that nearly often enough. Then for the last song, they brought one of their friends up, and this kid proceeded to scream at the entire crowd, calling them “lame motherf*ckers” because they weren’t moshing or whatever. Dude, your song sucks, shutup and get off the stage, you’re ruining it for your friends band. But after all that, Nonpoint came on and played a high-energy set that got the smallish crowd that was there to see them in a frenzy. Kinda hard to draw people when the radio stations don’t really push the band here. Anyway, the set was quite heavy on Statement material, with only two songs from Development, and obviously the rest from the new Recoil album. Being that at least two of the members of the band have Puerto Rican roots, there’s more than a subtle influence in the music, and that brought out fans that like them specifically for that reason. Not disappointing, Nonpoint closed their set with their two latin-influenced songs, Orgullo and Rabia. Made for a energetic end to a great set.

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