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12/05/2014 Nonpoint, (hed)pe, Recoil, Million Miles From Broadway, Setiva (Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall)

By Eric | December 19, 2014 3:48 pm

I was pretty excited for this show for awhile. Ever since seeing Nonpoint over the summer at Braun’s, and then getting (and immensely enjoying) The Return, getting tipped off that this bill was coming to Montage even before it was officially announced had me pumped. Seeing (hed)pe again for the first time in a long time was a nice little extra as well.

I can’t ever remember waiting in line to get into Montage for anything, yet there I was about 20 people deep… they sold the place out! It only holds about 300 or so, but regardless, glad to see a packed house, both for Montage and for Nonpoint.

I got in right at the tail end of Setiva’s set, and enjoyed Million Miles From Broadway again, same as at the Soulfly show. Good heavy tunes, good crowd support for them too. Recoil was from Australia, and they weren’t too shabby either, bringing more of the heavy.

I was fairly interested to see (hed) again; it had been almost 10 years since the gig at Showplace that I wasn’t super-impressed with. This time around was a bit better, though still nothing like seeing them on Broke back in 2000. I’ll get to the music in a second, but Jahred is bald now! The band is pretty stripped down now, no DJ, one guitar, and the only other original member is Mawk on bass. They sounded decent, the new songs were okay, but I’ll freely admit I like the old stuff much much better. There were plenty of people there to see (hed), so the crowd was lively and knew all the songs. They got plenty of time, packed in 14 songs, and definitely were solid support.

No Turning Back
Killing Time
One More Body
Raise Hell
Peer Pressure
Hold on
No woman no cry
Take me away

All of that aside, I was there to see Nonpoint! I camped out right in front of now fully-fledged member BC Kochmit, and got ready to rock. So did everyone else. They opened with Mindtrip right into Victim, and we were off and running. The crowd was lively, the band was lively, I got to see a significantly different setlist from Brauns, including three songs off the new album. What’s not to like? The set was great, but the night got even better afterwards…

2014-12-06 01.34.27 - Nonpoint
2014-12-06 01.47.09 - Nonpoint

I shelled out for the VIP after the show, and it wasn’t just a meet and greet, they let the 9 of us onto the tour bus! I hadn’t been on a bus since the Godsmack show, and that wasn’t even their real bus. It was extremely chill, we actually got to have real conversations with everyone in the band, and all five of the guys couldn’t have been more gracious. I knew what to expect with BC, but wasn’t surprised in the least that Elias, Robb, Rasheed and Adam were just as cool. All the other people that did the VIP were equally cool, thankfully no idiots! (Besides me, naturally.) It was a fantastic way to cap off the show, and cap off my concert goings for 2014!

Pins and Needles
What a Day
Hands Off
Your Signs
Breaking Skin
In the Air Tonight
That Day
Alive and Kicking
Bullet with a Name

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