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Cliff died, and you weren’t even born yet!

By Eric | October 29, 2002 1:36 am

So this morning I woke up to Joe coming home, he stayed over one more night at home, feeling a little under the weather… poked around the house, had the usual 11am breakfast date with Scott and Bob Barker hehe… threw together our Tech Transfer paper with Joe, and at 2 we were out the door for class… Tech Transfer was alright, and then Politics was a blah class… talking about the shift in politics in cities to what is now “urban politics”. Blah. Hit the mall for food and did a little grocery shopping with Tiff after class, and then chilled for a bit until 8 when Karl came over, we picked up our pizza and watched the football game… a hard-fought Eagles win over the Giants… caught a bit of a VH1 show about obsessed fans (I’ll get into that in a second) and then watched the first half of Conan…. as soon as I’m done with this its bedtime… 🙂
Ok, a little rant about this VH1 show… I’m not sure what it was called, but the segment was about these two girls that became insane Cliff Burton fans…. for those that don’t know, Cliff was the orignal bass player for Metallica, who died in a bus crash in 1986… First off, these girls were talking about Cliff like they knew him personally, how he helped them through all their rough times, and how they feel he’s “still alive within them”. These girls aren’t a day over 17, making them 1, 2, 3 years old at the most when Cliff died. How traumatized can you really be? It’s like me being devastated that Stevie Ray Vaughan is dead.. I love his music, but I was 10 when he died.. meaning I had no idea whatsoever!!! Now people will say that I put a lot of stock into my music also, and I do, maybe too much sometimes, but regardless, my world is not devastated by the loss of a member of a band before I even knew they existed. I’m a huge Alice in Chains fan, but did I slit my wrists when Layne Staley died? Of course not! Why then are these girls on the verge of dying due to a death that happened 16 years ago?? To me, this segment was even worse than all the kids that jumped on the “let’s mourn Kurt Cobain” bandwagon in 1994 when he blew his head off… at least we were alive and hearing his music when that happened. I still think 99% of the kids were latching onto thin air with that one, but it made a shred more sense than this one with Cliff Burton did. Ugh. I guess my pet peeve is these kids that don’t take this music for what it is, entertainment that strikes an emotional nerve, rather than seeing it as their whole life, and that they must live and die by these people and bands.Again, I realize that I sound somewhat hypocritical saying that, what with how much I get into my music and bands, but I’d like to think I know when to step away and take it at face value. Its this separation between real life and entertainment that I think a lot of kids today don’t make, and it’s leading to a whole host of bigger problems…
Ok, soapbox is over… discuss amongst yourselves… I’m getting verklempt!!
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song: 3 Doors Down – The Road I’m On (yeah, new 3DD, it hasnt been overplayed to shit quite yet!)
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