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Music Television… playing Music?

By Eric | April 29, 2005 10:30 am

So I’m going to try to get back to real posts, and not crappy updates on the state of the site.

First off, as I was flipping channels this morning, I was confused. Horribly, horribly confused. MTV was playing videos. Of music! And it wasn’t hip-hop or rap! I could scarcely believe my eyes as I saw not only one, but TWO videos back to back! 8 minutes of programming before the commercial onslaught again. And dare I say, decent videos? The new System of a Down track, “B.Y.O.B.”, and then the new Weezer track, “Beverley Hills”, which I have to admit is kinda catchy.

We have been instructed at work to use discretion when congratulating a customer on a Jackpot win. We actually had someone complain that they were congratulated, because this miserable woman “spent way more than this trying to win something”. Boo freakin hoo. Be gracious, say thank you, and go dump it all back in the machines.

People will complain about anything, and if they’re getting it for free, that’s no good either. Thursdays are free coffee and soft drink days, and you’d think people would be happy about that. But noooooo… they bitch and moan even more than they do when they have to pay! (I know, it should be comped anyway, but its not.) Oh, we’re giving away scratch-off lottery tickets? Complain that you didn’t win. Loudly. So as to embarrass yourself.

By the way, Congratulations!

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