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Acoustic No One

EC likes us

lax on the reviews

tickets.tops sucks!

not pledging allegiance

backstreets butt alright!

econoline to erie for cake

animosity for dino

Cold’s price is right


My Way causes karaoke brawls

screwed by the goos

skidding on glistening zippy buttocks

all the project could have been

hey mister, mtv really likes your song

sanford gets a stereo

the olp-lb connection

another music survey

50 Mission Cap

rockin the sears database

a tea party for canadian martyrs

free fort erie

no degredation for violet light

a garden of shirts for eleven fingers

throwing rocks, and the bottom falls out of the ketchup

this is not (the price I want to pay)

a rumor of bauhaus bleeding the sky

a bad NIC fixed my blues

running out of dope

rockin the outback alley

housewarming for brooke

washington grand slams our images

break the cycle of mallratting

tully’s tool

cds, liquor, more geneseo

hard rockin the audioslave

makin a run

the day I tried to snot

wonder who’s next on the court

turn the page


what building number is that again?

my Cochise is leaking

coasting to the nonpoint

RIoT Rich!!


More Work, More School


A “Full” Day

Wacky Wild Wings

New CD Storage

doubleDriving to the landmarks

Currently Listening To…

Nothing In The Tank

No More Doubledrive :(

Rochester Sno-core

From The “Week’s worth of nothing” Dept.

Check… mates on the road

NIN!!! (oh, and Music Scandal City!)

What A Tool

Music Television… playing Music?

…And That’s When I Dropped My Donuts.

Upcoming Concert Calendar

Saving My Bandwidth

My MP3 Player Can Beat Up Your MP3 Player

Switching Into Living

Coming up on 10 Years of Concerts

Keep Those Updates Coming

Run For It Marty!!!

3 Concerts in 2 nights (what?)

The Music Mix Challenge

NIN sees Ghosts

Back In Business

Check Baby Check

The Recording Idiots Association of America

This is how after-work should …

Eric’s Top 10 Albums of 2010

Sponge – 1994 – Rotting Pinata

Jamiroquai – 1997 – Travelling Without Moving

Eric’s Top 10 Albums of 2015 (Plus 2 From Last Year!)

Soundtrack – 1996 – The Cable Guy

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