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04/11/1998 Creed, SamIAm, Cool For August (Buffalo, NY @ The Funhouse)

By Eric | April 11, 1998 11:59 pm

Another place I’d come to see a bunch of shows at, either as The Funhouse on the small stage, or the attached bigger room that they called The Sideshow. This was on the small stage! I now had the Cool For August CD, after seeing them with OLP the year before, so I was pretty much the only one that knew their stuff. They definitely noticed however, as at one point I called out for them to play “Hey You”, and it happened to be next on the list! I think the band kinda got a kick out of that one.

SamIAm felt out of place on this bill, as they were pretty much a punk band, and it just didn’t fit. Don’t remember a whole lot about them otherwise.

As for Creed, this was right as the meteoric rise was starting (My Own Prison was a huge single by now), and they were still playing tiny places. They played most of the tracks off of My Own Prison, and from checking out other setlists around that era, it seems like we probably got to see early versions of some combination of Say I, Young Grow Old, Wrong Way and Bound and Tied. They sounded pretty damn good, and looking at some bootlegs on YouTube from around the same time confirms my hazy memories. Really glad I got to see them at this place, as after this tour they’d never play venues this small again!

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