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05/21/2024 Cold, Horizon Theory, Dramascream (Syracuse, NY @ The Song and Dance)

By Eric Bonus | May 22, 2024 5:58 pm

Save for Cold themselves, this show was kinda cursed from the get-go!

The venue itself was pretty nice, in the basement of an office building in downtown Syracuse right by the Landmark Theater. The setup was good, spacious merch area outside of the main music area, bar was accessible, it was clean, can’t ask for much more. Before heading in, the buses were right out front of the door and and Scooter was outside talking to some folks. I spotted him, and rather, he spotted me (or at least the old-school 13 Ways shirt!) and I got to say hi and thank him for coming to play. Always a treat and always such a nice guy!

Show-wise, first Orgy cancelled because their drummer was sick, but the show would go on with Cold more or less headlining. I got there as the first band on, Dramascream, was playing. They’re a regional band from Endicott and sounded pretty good. They finished, and setup began for I Ya Toyah. Which is as far as they got, because whatever happened with the rig did not allow her to play, she came out to make an announcement . It’s too bad, because it seems like it would have been a cool blend of rock and electronic stuff, a perfect compliment to Orgy. Ah well, after more tear down and set up, on to Horizon Theory. Whose guitar player had a family emergency, so they played as a three-piece with guitar tracks. This show could not win for losing apparently. They were fine, made the best of it, and we soldiered on.

Finally time for Cold! I thought they sounded even better than at Montage in 2022, and mixed up the setlist yet again, with more different old stuff! Everyone Dies and Insane off of self titled, Whatever You Became and Don’t Belong off of YOTS (neither of which I’d ever seen live) and So Long June off of Superfiction. Scooter sounded really good, the band sounded great, and the crowd was definitely into it with a lot of diehards.

Speaking of which, during one of the songs a guy came up to me and handed me a Cold Army challenge coin! I profusely thanked him in the moment, and then caught up with him after the show. He said he was friends with Scooter, has been following the band for years, and had the idea to make the coins and hand them out to whomever he thought was having a great time at a show and was a “true fan”. That was pretty flattering! Told him as much, and how I’d been following them for years, and that I was really appreciative of receiving it!

After talking to some concert buds out by the merch, I headed outside and Scooter was by the bus again! Got to thank him for the show and got a picture this time – Cold shows are always a good time and I certainly left this one with a good feeling!

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