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07/28/2007 Sevendust, Diecast, Point One (Buffalo, NY @ Town Ballroom)

By Eric | July 28, 2007 11:59 pm

There’s something about going to see a band you’ve seen before, and you know you’re in for a great show. Where you know how they’re going to sound, how they’re going to play, you know all the words, so you’re less concerned about the intracies of the performance, and more concerned about getting crazy with the other people up front and having a hell of a time doing it. This was definately one of those shows. Sevendust has thus far never failed to deliver a great show, and this one kept the pace.

Naturally, we had to get through the openers first. There’s always openers, and they’re not always as stellar as the headliners. Point One was no exception. Besides having their levels way too loud, they just plain weren’t good. Much like another not-to-be-named-Japanese-band, they didn’t know what genre they wanted to play. The first two songs sounded like Buckcherry/Hinder type stuff, then it devolved into punk, then the singer got whiny, and so on from there. Besides the fact that the singer couldn’t hit any of the notes he was trying for in the upper register, his attempts at working the crowd just kinda fell flat. So not only were they bad, but not even close to the type of band that should be opening for Sevendust. Whatever. Diecast was up next, and this was a bit more like it! These guys were pretty generic metalcore, but at least they were good at what they did. (Pretty much, I’ll stick to KsE or All That Remains). The set got better and heavier as it went on, and the crowd got a little bigger, and more into it. Perfect segue for what was to follow!

After blaring some old-school rap over the PA, the boys came out and blasted right into Hero. The crowd got riled up right away, and the energy, at least where I was down front, never let up the entire night. Pieces was next, followed by Ugly. There was a brief pause, and then we got transported back to ’99 with Denial right into Waffle. Back to the new stuff with Deathstar and Clueless. The crowd really responded to the songs off of Alpha just as much as the old stuff, which was great to see. Enemy was next, then Beg To Differ. Another pause, and then the Sevendust signature riff… the opening to Black. Our area down front exploded! And just when that was over, the 2nd signature riff… Bitch! A massive sing-a-long ensued, followed by the title track of the new record, Alpha. The main set was closed out by Trust, followed by Praise. There was a short break, and the encore started with Driven, and the night finished out with the whole place screaming along with Face To Face. I was very pleased with the distribution across the various albums, with at least two tracks off of each of them. The band sounded great, Lajon hit his marks, and the crowd was all over it from start to finish. Simply a great show. It almost was the demise of the infamous RIT hat though! It flew off my head during the last song, and I had pretty much written it off, as I couldn’t see it on the floor anywhere as the crowd disbursed. Of course, that’s because I didn’t turn around. It landed behind the barrier, so not only was it “safe”, it didn’t even get stepped on!

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