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10/30/2007 Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Seether (Hamburg, NY @ The Agri-Center)

By Eric | October 30, 2007 11:59 pm

Jerry and I got out of work at 5:30, and trucked on down the highway to the Fairgrounds, where we were met by a good deal of traffic on South Park Ave. We finally got into the parking lot, paid, and got to the building just as Seether was starting (Red was the first opener, just like at RIT, but we didn’t miss much not seeing them). Since it was the day before halloween, there were a good number of people dressed up (including the chicks!), so we at least had something to amuse us while we were waiting in line. We heard Seether’s first song standing outside the building in the will-call line, which was Gasoline. We actually got into the lobby to hear Fine Again and Needles, and we were finally in the place by the time Truth started. We found ourselves a nice spot right in the center of the floor, and enjoyed the rest of Seether’s opening set, which continued with the first song off the new album, Like Suicide, then a crowd sing-along with Broken (with BB’s bass player coming out to play with them). The new single, Fake It, was next, and while giving the shout-outs to the other bands, they did some snippets of BB’s “Water” and 3DG’s “I Hate Everything About You” before closing with Remedy. They sounded pretty damn good, despite the long layoff for Shaun being in rehab and the loss of the 2nd guitar player. They did just fine as a three piece. Wish they would have played longer.

In any event, just like RIT, Breaking Benjamin didn’t headline, so they were next. The set list was a bit different this time out, as they frontloaded the set with Phobia songs, starting out with the Intro right into Diary Of Jane, Had Enough, Until The End, Breath, and Topless. I like all those songs, but guys, mix it up a bit! Breakdown was next, followed by Polyamorous, and Break My Fall. Then we were “treated” to an extended drum solo, which was cool, but I’d have much rather seen another song or two, considering they weren’t headlining. They brought out Shaun from Seether and the guitar player from 3DG for a cover of the Deftones’ “Change”. This I could get behind! Back to the BB stuff for the last two tunes, those being Sooner or Later and So Cold. As with the other BB shows, they sounded good, had the crowd into it, and had fun up there, but I think they killed their momentum by starting with all Phobia tunes. Opening with Polyamorous always got everyone fired up right away, and I think they should have stuck with it. Ah well. Still a good show.

At the RIT show, we left before Three Days Grace came out, so this time we actually stuck around to watch them. We passed the time inbetween sets (and actually during most of the set as well) by waiting in line for the concession stand. Yeah, it took that long. I think the fact that we stood in line that long was more motivation for staying then 3DG were once they started. Quite frankly, the singer can’t hold his notes. The band was okay (although way overdriven out of the monitors), and the songs are okay (I recognized a few), but the singer kinda ruined it. He sounded hoarse by the end of the first song. They also started Just Like You in the wrong key, before correcting it when the song kicked in. That was just kinda funny, I can’t bag on them too much for that. What I can bag on them for is their attempt at covering AIC’s Rooster. As I told Jerry, “You hear that humming sound? That’s Layne Staley spinning in his grave!” It just didn’t make it. Anwyay, we left early to beat the traffic out of the parking lot and grab something to eat. To make a long story short, we made the right choice to leave RIT early too! They were okay, but there’s no way they should be headlining over Breaking Benjamin (or Seether for that matter!)

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